SOLIDWORKS_Viking Helmet

In this post I'll show you how to design a Viking Helmet made of 2 main componets :The Helmet Body and the Horn Body, which will make the final assembly in a Viking Helmet Product. Let's start with The Helmet!! THE HELMET STEP 1 Create new part STEP 2 Create 2 reference planes, each at... Continue Reading →

SOLIDWORKS – Bug Rover _ Part 4 – Assembly Design

As we've already seen in the previous posts, The Bug Rover is made of various components. In this post we'll put everything together in the final product. But before to create the final assembly, let's create first the Sub-Assembly called Carterpilar which will be later used as multiple instances for the final assembly. Let's start:... Continue Reading →

SOLIDWORKS – Bug Rover _ Part 3 – Carterpilar Design

In this Part of Bug Rover design work, I'll show you the 3 main components of the Carterpilar assembly. These are: The Star Gear, The Gear Cap, The Wheel and The Carterpillar. Let's start: THE STAR GEAR STEP 1 Create a new part STEP 2 On Front plane draw the following sketch and revolve it... Continue Reading →

SOLIDWORKS – Bug Rover _ Part 2 – Lever Design

In this 2nd part of design work for the Bug Rover, I'll show you the next 2 main components: The Lever and The Lever Cap. Let's start: THE LEVER STEP 1 Create new part STEP 2 Create the following 2 sketches: STEP 3 Use the previous 2 sketches to create a Project Curve STEP 4... Continue Reading →

SOLIDWORKS – Bug Rover _ Part 1 – Cabine Design

A rover design work implies a lot of details and components. In this article I want to present you a simplified version of a reover concept I did, which is inspired from the insects world. It really looks like a bug, so I name it Bug Rover. I will only put here the main bodies... Continue Reading →

SOLIDWORKS – Pirate Ship Wheel Design

Let's design a Pirate Ship Wheel STEP 1. Create a new CAD file STEP 2. On Right Plane, sketch the 2 profiles for outer and inner wheel at a distance from each other of 360mm as shown: STEP 3. In the Features toolbar, click on Revolved Boss/Base icon and revole everithing completelly. STEP 4. On... Continue Reading →

SOLIDWORKS – Thor Hammer Design

Let's Design the Thor Hammer with SOLIDWORKS PART 1 - Handle STEP 1. Create New Part STEP 2. On the Right Plane draw the sketch as shown: STEP 3. In Featrues toolbar, click on Revolved Boss/Base icon and revolve the sketch completely. STEP 4. On Top Plane create a sketch as shown: STEP 5. In... Continue Reading →

SOLIDWORKS_Toothbrush Design

Let´s design a toothbrush with SOLIDWORKS STEP 1. Create a New Part. Save the part with a new name as: Toothbrush and while you advance with the design work from time to time, don´t forget to click the Save icon. STEP 2. In the drawing view or from the model tree select the Front Plane... Continue Reading →

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