LEAN MANUFACTURING – DESIGNING A CAR – Inventing something new

Inventing something new doesn' necessarily means that you come out with a revolutionaly product which nobody ever seen or though about before. Nowadays with so much tech available the possiblilty to really do so it exceptionally low. Yet improving an existing product adding features on it like no-one did before and create a memorable user... Continue Reading →

LEAN MANUFACTURING – DESIGNING A CAR – The Techniques of Lean Design

It's wonderful to know that new products can be produced faster with less effort and fewer errors. However, innovations are most useful when they are available to everyone and practices at General Motors, Volkswagen and the other mass producers, lag far behind. I know because myself I was doing this for years and during the... Continue Reading →


  En 17 ans de travail pour des leaders de toutes capacités et de développement de mon propre style de leadership, j'ai vu le bon, le mauvais et tout  entre le deux. Je ne suis pas un Leader, J'ai encore besoin d'en savoir plus à ce sujet mais au début de mon développement de leadership,... Continue Reading →


COOPERATE or COMPETE? For me the year 2020 is the beginning of a new lifestyle. One step in our evolutionary process from now on would require that humans learn to be cooperative rather than competitive. Humans are naturally competitive. Since the days of cavemen, humans learned to survive by fighting, by being  at war with... Continue Reading →

Why do you need Supporting Roles in a Tech Company?

The Supporting Roles Until now I talked about the basic roles essential to have in any company which has a business with Tech products. Again what I share here is my perspective about what I have learnt during my years in engineering, it might be not the perfect one but what's I have seen so... Continue Reading →

What’s the meaning of a Product Marketing Manager ?

When I first heard for the first time that me as product engineer have to collaborate with a guy holding the role of Product Marketing Manager I told to myself, "why the heck do I need this guy? What for?". The Product Manager is already sufficient to tell me what's going on on the market... Continue Reading →

How to work effectively with Engineers.

In my early years I was (process) engineer myself, and I had to collaborate with multiple Product Managers and Product Designers. The experience was good for me but unfortunately not good for them. I often see people holding such positions as Product or Program Managers is tech companies and they have no idee what engineering... Continue Reading →


A Tech-Product Business without Product Designers is like a hospital without doctors. The role of Product Designer is therefore essential if you have a business in technology. 3 main disciplines are the ones that deliver high-tech products: Software engineering, Mechanical Engineering and Electrical Engineering. You either have all 3 of them or only one or... Continue Reading →


In my previous post I was sharing my perspective about how to be a great Product Manager which is a very important role for any company -particularly the ones having a Tech-Products business. But anyway, I am a tech-guy so everything I talk about business has a connection with technology. Now that we've seen what... Continue Reading →


At all my workplaces until now I had the opportunity to work with people in different roles involved in the product development stages such as Product Managers, Product Designers, Mechanical Engineers, Software & Hardware engineers, Marketing Managers and so on. But by far the most important role which I consider responsible for the market success... Continue Reading →

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