CREO PARAMETRIC 6.0 – SKATEBOARD DESIGN_Part 2 – Wheels Plate Design

The plate design for wheels of a Skateboard done in CREO parametric goes as follows:


Create a New part and rename it WheelsPlate


Click on Extrude icon and use the Sketch option from far upper right in Extrude window to create a center rectangle of 55×80 on the Top Plane and then extrude it 6mm with a taper of 10°.


Click on Hole icon and in hole dialog box use the Sketch option from the upper far right to create on Top surface a construction center rectangle of 40x55mm with an offset of 2mm to the right from the vertical center line. Then put Datum points in all corners, exit the sketch and enter the hole characteristis as shown:


Pattern the hole on the other 3 Datum points.


Click on Extrude icon and from Extrude window use Sketch option to draw a sketch made of arcs on Top surface and extrude it upwards with 25mm with a taper of 9°.


Click on Extrude icon and use the Sketch option to create a sketch on Front Plane and extrude it as surface by mid-plane at 40mm.


Remove the material on top side by holding the part selected and click on Solidify icon, select the surface, make sure the orientation is correct and click OK to remove material.


Create the Datum Plane DTM1 parallel to the Upper large surface through the bottom front edge.


Click Hole icon and use the DTM1 plane to place the datum point for the hole and then enter the hole parameters as shown:

STEP 10.

Click on Extrude icon and on small top surface create a hole as shown:

STEP 11.

Similarly with STEP 10 create a hole cut-out on the large top surface as shown:

STEP 12.

Add rounds on edges as shown:

STEP 13.

Add a nice appearance:

The final part looks like this:

This design work is also available as video version on my YouTube channel embedded below:

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