CATIA V5 DMU Kinematics_Basic Mechanism – Compile simulation for Replay and export your file as video format.

After we have seen how a simulation can be done with CATIA DMU Kinematics; let’s see how to replay it anytime we want to see it again. Or we can even generate multiple replays in case we want to see multiple simulations with the same mechanism. Additionally it is also possible to compile a simulation in video format so that you can share it with your collaborators who don’t necessarily have CATIA installed on their computers.

Here is how it works:


Open your CAD data, (for this exercise I use the same CAD data example like in the previous 2 posts) = “Sprocket_Chain.CatProduct”

With this function is possible to compile simulation for replays anytime needed. The compilation work for any level of complexity and can flawlessly shown or presented. A “Replay” feature is added in the Specification tree.


In the DMU Generic Animation toolbar click on the “Compile similation” icon.

In the dialog box check the option “Generate a replay” as shown and click O.K. (For time steps is always better to choose the smaller step; otherwise the bigger the value the faster the compilation, so this is most probably not what you want -usually I choose step 0,04, but sure you can try by yourself and you’ll see the difference)

After you click OK, the dialog box becomes inactive, it only shows you that the compilation is processing. When this is finished the dialog box will be automatically closed and your compilation is added as “Replay” feature in the Specification Tree.

Now the Replay is available. You can access it anytime at your convenience.

In the DMU Generic Animation toolbar this “Replay” icon is additional, if you click on it in the toolbar, it does exactly the same thing like the “Replay” feature added in the Specification Tree.


When you want to Reply the following dialog bog will be displayed. Before to run it, check in the Name line if you have selected the right replay and choose how fast you want to see it. Then use the Video Switching panel to play it as you wish.

Compile the simulation in a video file other than Catia version.

In the DMU Generic Animation toolbar click on “Compile similation” icon.

This time in the dialog box tick on the “Generate an animation file” option. At setting 2, usually your CATIA software should have the video VFW Codec already available, but this can not always be the best Video Codec, it depends on your graphic card and how performant your PC is. But you can always install more such video compilation tools, for example just try 2 or 3 different version to see which one gives you the best result.

At setting 3 click on the File name… button, in the Save As window type the Data name at your choice and click save.

At setting 5 always chose a lower step, the same like you did when you’ve generated the “Replay” earlier.

After you finish your selection click OK and the dialog box becomes inactive only showing you the that compilation is processing.

When the compilation is finished the dialog box is automatically closed and your video file is now available.

You can also follow this exercise in the video below.

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