DESIGNING A GREAT WORKPLACE EXPERIENCE _Why you should be paid in order to Play? (PART 2)

A PRODUCTIVITY BOOST STRONGER THAN COFFEE Let’s imagine this : You are in your office at work and it’s 2:14 p.m. your eyelids are feeling heavy, and now you’re stifling a yawn. A few minutes ago you arrived back in the office, fresh off a satisfying lunch. But  now you’re in the throes of what […]

DESIGNING A GREAT WORKPLACE EXPERIENCE _Why you should be paid in order to Play? (PART 1)

HOW PLAY MAKES PROBLEM SOLVING EASIER I am sure that many of you already had some days at work , when you put a lot of focus to finish something very important than you literally skip all the breaks and you even work overtime, just to be sure that you make no mistake and to […]

DESIGNING A GREAT WORKPLACE EXPERIENCE _How Office Design can shape our thinking? (PART 2)

WHY EMPLOYEES ARE OFTEN MORE PRODUCTIVE AT HOME Working from home is a concept which started to gain more and more popularity in companies from all sort of industries. Many people agree that “A workforce culture based on long hours at the office with little regard for family or community does not inevitably lead to […]

DESIGNING A GREAT WORKPLACE EXPERIENCE _How Office Design can shape our thinking? (PART 1)

As we most of us working in an office, it is generally agreed that our performance at work is strongly shaped by our work environment. And one very important factor at workplace is How the Office is designed. Going back in time, some 50 to 55 years ago the typical office consisted of a vast […]

DESIGNING A GREAT WORKPLACE EXPERIENCE _Why great workplaces reward failure?

In general FAILURE is seen as something to avoid at all cost. We are very afraid to fail. At workplace, people are sometimes so afraid of making a mistake that they rather accept to be humiliated or micromanaged by their managers. Such employees accept to do whatever their manager ask (even in disagreement) than to […]


Some years ago, people in different locations used to communicate by phone. That’s nothing unusual since Alexander Graham Bell invented the telephone around the year 1875. For more than 140 years since then, 2 people easily communicate verbally by phone. And that’s still OK when we talk about general or personal topics. But what about […]

10 LIES ABOUT WORK/Lie Nr. 9 – Diversity is the best way to succeed.

Ok, this is a topic highly promoted mostly in the so called “multinational companies”. And at some points I would truly agree that indeed diversity can bring a big added value to any business. While the traditional notion of workplace diversity may refer to representations of various races, genders and religious backgrounds, today’s concept of […]

10 LIES ABOUT WORK/Lie Nr. 8 – People can reliably rate each other at work.

I’ve been in this situation a lot of times until now. I would say that I’ve been more rated than rater. But either way, this is the most impossible thing that a human can do to another human. Those at HR departments who think they will ever have any accurate results to such ratings, they […]

10 LIES ABOUT WORK/Lie Nr. 7 – The best plan always wins.

This is again something that many managers think so. They really thing that THE BEST PLAN ALWAYS WINS. Sometimes I just stay alone and ask myself, why the business world and (not only) is ruled by so many incompetent people which are easily promoted in management position without having done anything remarkable, except the fact […]