THE ART OF TEA – How to make a good Tea?

I start this article by saying an obvious fact: Water is the nr.1 refreshment, nutritous and necessary drink ever. Water is normally is just that: a transpartent liquid with nutritious minerals but it has no taste, no color, no smell, it must be is just clean and cool. Yet except water the nr. 2 drink... Continue Reading →

THE COOLING LIQUIDS STORY – Part 2 – How cooling liquids that make refrigerators + air-conditioning safe and effective could have the potential to make liquid-breathing possible?

Air-conditioning systems are essentially refrigerators for air. In your car, for instance, the air-conditioning system passes the cabin air over copper tubes containing refrigerant, thus cooling the air. Cool air can't maintain a high concentration of water, which is why water droplets form on air conditioners (this is also why clouds form as air rises... Continue Reading →

THE COOLING LIQUIDS STORY – Part 1 – The Freon – The invention which revolutionized the Refrigerators and Air Conditioners industry.

There is no better example to start a topic about cooling liquids than aircrafts. We all have today the option to travel by plane anytime and anywhere in the world. When you do that, of course maybe the only inconvenient you might have is that you must sit and keep the seatbelt tighten during the... Continue Reading →

THE INK STORY – Ink=The  most widely used means of communication in human history- Part 2 : How the ballpoint pen has transformed the writing art?

In Part 1 of The Ink Story I was talking about how Ink occurred. During centuries there were many iterations about How to use Ink in the best way possible. So in this 2nd Part I will talk about pens. The 19th century saw a big surge in fountain pen patents. But while they all... Continue Reading →

THE INK STORY – Ink=The  most widely used means of communication in human history- Part 1 : What is Ink & how does it work?

History is full of ink. From Paleolithic cave paintings to parchment scrolls to printed books, ink has recorded human history for millennia. Even the Kindle makes use of e-ink (a reusable ink that sits just below the surface of the screen), reminding its readers that ink is hardly a thing of the past. All inks... Continue Reading →

THE SOAP STORY – The  substance that  keep us clean – Part 2 : What is Liquid Soap and how does it work?

In the Part 1 of the Soap Story I was talking about the importantce of solid soap and how does it work to remove dirt from our hands and clothes. Even if Soap exist for quite a very long time, it is more a commercial product of the 20th century. Today we use soap on... Continue Reading →

THE SOAP STORY – The  substance that  keep us clean – Part 1 : What is Solid Soap and how does it work?

I hate dirt and the sticky things that remain on my hands whenever I work on something. Even if I eat a cake or I taste different sweets, after I eat and after i use the toilet, I cannot continue my day if I don't wash my hands. The same feeling I have about dirty... Continue Reading →

THE LIQUID CRYSTALS – The thing that makes moving images possible.

Whenever I want to relax myself or even when I travel and I want to use my free time in the most enjoyable way I either read a book, listen to music or watch a movie. Reading a book and listening music was always the most available way to entertain yourself, but recently watching a... Continue Reading →

THE ALCOHOL – The poison whose charms we willingly submit.

There are not many things which can be taken as defining elements of the human history and civilization but there are few. Except the water and the first 6 metals used by humans namely Copper, Gold, Silver, Iron, Tin and Lead there is 8th element which is liquid.This the alcohol. Alcohol is exactly a psychoactive... Continue Reading →

THE GLUE – The oldest material used by humans to make assemblies of at least 2 different objects. – Part 2 – How glue creates advanced technology?

The sticky tape pioneered by Richard Drew as I mentioned in Part 1, although a useful invention, is not the technological innovation that led to the modern aircraft. That came from another American chemist, called Leo Baekeland, who succeeded in making one of the first plastics. He made his plastic by combining 2 liquids. The... Continue Reading →

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