DESIGNING A GREAT WORKPLACE EXPERIENCE _Why workplace happiness is hard to find?

I've heard many story about different workplaces from people doing different jobs. But from all that in a huge amount the only conclusion I can draw is that most people don't enjoy their jobs. They just go to work because they don't have better alternatives. It's rare to find this days somebody to tell you... Continue Reading →

DESIGNING A GREAT WORKPLACE EXPERIENCE _Why sleeping at work could actually be good for your company?

Let's imagine this : You are in your office at work and it’s 2:14 p.m. your eyelids are feeling heavy, and now you’re stifling a yawn. A few minutes ago you arrived back in the office, fresh off a satisfying lunch. But  now you’re in the throes of what is undeniably a mid-afternoon crash. You... Continue Reading →

DESIGNING A GREAT WORKPLACE EXPERIENCE _What’s the benefit of playing or doing physical exercise during breaks at workplace?

I am sure that many of you already had some days at work , when you put a lot of focus to finish something very important than you literally skip all the breaks and you even work overtime, just to be sure that you make no mistake and to deliver your stuff exactly as expected.... Continue Reading →

DESIGNING A GREAT WORKPLACE EXPERIENCE _Why„working from home“ could be an alternative to „working in theoffice“ but is not necessarily a betterone?

As we most of us working in an office, it is generally agreed that our performance at work is strongly shaped by our work environment. And one very important factor at workplace is How the Office is designed and how well we do our job based in that. Going back in time, some 50 to... Continue Reading →

DESIGNING A GREAT WORKPLACE EXPERIENCE _How Office Design can shape our thinking?

The way how our work environment is created it reflects our performance at work. As now technogy allows many of us work in an office so the office design is very important too. THE CAVEMAN'S GUIDE TO BUILDING A BETTER OFFICE Ask the average CEO how to optimize a workspace and they might suggest you... Continue Reading →

DESIGNING A GREAT WORKPLACE EXPERIENCE _Why great workplaces reward failure?

Let me start this article by mentioning how things go whenever there is a competition in sport, be it the WorldCup,  the Olimpics, Championships, or any other types of competitions where athletes must demonstrate their talent. What happens every time when the game is over?  There is not a podium only for 1 winner, instead... Continue Reading →

10 LIES ABOUT WORK/Lie Nr. 10 – Leadership is a feature.

If you would ask 1000 people: why they work for a company?, the majority of them will tell you that it's because they have to, but not because they want so, and not because they do it with pleasure. Just go out on the street and randomly ask 1000 people why they work in a... Continue Reading →

10 LIES ABOUT WORK/Lie Nr. 9 – Diversity is the best way to succeed.

While the traditional notion of workplace diversity may refer to representations of various races, genders and religious backgrounds, today’s concept of workplace diversity is all - encompassing. Aside from these variables, considerations are also made on: personality, age, cognitive style, skill-set, education, background and more. The focus of workplace diversity now lies on the promotion... Continue Reading →

10 LIES ABOUT WORK/Lie Nr. 8 – People can reliably rate each other at work.

Based on which metrics? Regardless of which workplace you have, at least in corporate world and at least once a year, you will be in a situation to either be rated (usually by your boss) or be rater (in case you are the boss). These things can actually happen between the team members as well... Continue Reading →

10 LIES ABOUT WORK/Lie Nr. 7 – The best plan always wins.

Why the business world is ruled by so many incompetent people which are easily promoted in management position without having done anything remarkable, except the fact they were just in some favorable circumstances? or as many of them are just there because their company is a incubator of assholes (and here I include big multinational... Continue Reading →

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