We are today in a worst situation than at the previous economic crisis in 2008. The Covid-19 pandemic which is a medical crisis actually turned into a huge economic emergency which is way much dangerous than the medical one. To be honest COVID-19 is not even dangerous. (but this is another topic which probably I will talk about in another post) Now the question everybody is asking is:


Well from my point of view for those looking for a 2nd chance, the good news is that many people do emerge from emergencies stronger better & richer.

The bad news is not all people emerge from financial emergencies. Many are wiped out.

If we don’t learn to cooperate, we will always be in a state of growing emergency & sooner or later we’ll have another crisis and another crisis and another crisis and so on, which is only degrading the society and humanity will be in a long-term economic war with itself. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t say competition not necessary, sure it is we can not improve and progress without it. But what I mean is that the Competition must be combined with Cooperation and organizations internally should have NO Competition at all. There are too much internal hierarchies mostly in big corporations. Employees from the same company either from different departments or even in the same team compete too much internally. INTERNAL COMPETITION IS NOT NECESSARY.

So as I already said that in my previous post. We have to Cooperate more & Compete less. From my point of view It’s time to finally learn the difference between Cooperation and Competition and avoid such things like the current economic crisis to happen again any time soon. I have doubts that we will really learn something from this, but I do have hope for the better.


We didn’t fully recover since the economic crisis from 2008 and currently we are again facing something even worse than 2008. Humanity is facing more than just o run-of-the-mill emergency. In fact we are on the edge of an evolutionary emergency and we still have the option to choose to “emerge” as a new form of humanity – or perish.

Unfortunately our leaders were not addressing these emergencies. Rather than address the emergencies facing them, our leaders continued to sweep the problems under the rug. They’d kick the can down the road…pushing the problem onto the plates of the next generation. Ignoring today’s emergencies is setting the stage for giant emergencies known as calamities, disasters or collapses.

Humans have been focused on money, power and weapons development for too long. It is time to change. It is time for all of us to make a conscious shift and put focus more on what is “livingry” than “killingry”. If we don’t make this shift we will become extinct, much like the dinosaurs.

The Big Problem.

The problem is that our inability to cooperate is causing our emergencies to grow into giant, global emergencies. These growing emergencies, if not addressed now, would overwhelm us and become bigger crises than humans could handle. The following are some of the emergencies that I can give as examples,which were growing into giant disasters and it’s not only me to say this. It’s already obvious.

1. Environmental Emergencies

As far back as the 1950s and 60’s, humans were warned of the effects of global warming.

Today, rather than cooperate to solve our environmental problems, many leaders deny there are environmental problems. Whether you believe in global warming theories or not, the fact remains that our polar ice caps are melting, seas are rising, soil run-off is polluting our oceans and fish that feed billions around the world are being depleted.

Whether a person believes in global warming or not, the facts are that our weather is becoming more violent. In recent years have been horrific hurricanes like Katrina and Sandy, super-size tornadoes ripping across the Midwest and ice storms shutting southern US cities including New Orleans and Atlanta. Around the world, there is severe drought in some areas as well as flooding in other areas. I still remember in the years 80 and even 90’s the winter was  an authentic one, almost always in December and mainly for Christmas and the New Year’s Eve, everything was white, snow was all over. The winter was a fantastic season, today it’s not anymore. Actually for couple of years I didn’t see snow on X-mas.

This state of emergency is growing.

2. Nuclear Emergencies.

Again in the 1950s and 60s there were voices that spoke out against atomic energy. Although nuclear power companies claim that nuclear power is “clean energy”, what they do not say is that nuclear waste is lethal.

Today, nuclear waste is stored in deep undergrounds caverns. The problem with nuclear waste is it takes hundreds of thousands of years to become inert  or incapable of causing further damage. It also take billions in taxpayer dollars to safely store that toxic waste.In 2012, the tsunami that hit Japan spread atomic waste around the world via ocean currents. The effects of that single emergency will be with us for thousands of years.

3. Military Emergencies

In the 1970s and 80s , during the heights of the Cold War, human intelligence had developed weapons of mass destruction so severe that if there were a nuclear war, only cockroaches would survive. There would be no winners and losers. In the new war, there will only be losers.  Even since then it was said that war is obsolete and  humans needed to change directions, to evolve, to cooperate rather than fight.

Unfortunately humans killing other humans continue. Today terrorists have the power to take on the most powerful militaries in the world. Today terrorists use cell phones to incite and recruit new soldiers to fight, use our airliners as weapons and have access to information on how to build “suitcase-size” nuclear, biological and chemical weapons. The united states spend trillions on its military, yet a simple inexpensive “ dirty bomb” detonated in New York, London, Tokyo or Beijing could cripple the world economy.

To give you an example let’s consider the Vietnam War In 1972. It’s enough to read a little bit about that and you will see that Vietnam was by no means a country with a fearful military power, ready to fight with the USA army. Vietnam was a poor country and it still is even if today its economy is much healthier and continuously growing. In 1972 they were much vulnerable and weak than today. But, still the USA had lost the Vietnam War. Vietnam had lost a lot but considering the force of US army, the USA didn’t win anything. There were a lot of damages on the American side as well. Vietnamese soldiers didn’t have sophisticated weapons and they were not trained to combat in war neither. The American Marines were shot down by Vietnamese soldiers using  Chinese-made SA-7, a heat-seeking, shoulder-fired rocked known as the Streda. A Viet Cong soldier who fired the rocket did not need much training. All he did was point and pull the trigger, and the rocket did the rest-taking down a multi-million-dollar CH-53 Green Giant helicopter and killing 62 Marines. In 2014 a Malaysian passenger jet was shot down with the same weapon.

Today the United States spends trillions on military training and new weapons. At the same time, an untrained terrorist with a $10.000, heat-seeking rocket fired at an airliner has the power to cripple, if not bring down, the world economy. Unfortunately, fighting terrorism is not like fighting a conventional war, a war like World War II. We learned that lesson the hard way in Vietnam. Terrorists do not wear uniforms and they do not have to obey the rules of engagement of traditional war. Terrorists do not have factories, harbors, airfields or towns that can be destroyed. They win because they have little to lose. Terrorists win because they can fight anywhere, everywhere and forever. When we fight terrorism we fight an ideology not a country. Many believe that the more we focus on killing terrorists, the most terrorists we create. Rather than evolving, getting the message that “ war is obsolete” we continue to fight. This is why the emergency of terrorism grows.

4. Pandemic emergency.

Centuries ago there was the plague spread by fleas and rats and today we have Ebola and most recently COVID-19 spread by airliners.

Most probably many of you don’t know this but CoronaVirus is not that new. It was first identified at the beginning of the years 1960’s. Its symptoms on human body were known already since many years. The warnings about a future outbreak as pandemic were said long before this to happen. But due to political and economic games involving different competitors, the warning signals were long time ignored and the problem grew until at the point of today when it obvious that most advanced countries have already failed to deal with it. The Mother Nature is just teaching us a hard lesson and this is what happens when we compete more and cooperate less. 

5. Economic Emergency

Today  wars are fought with money, which is causing a massive economic emergency. Tragically, wars fought with money are often wars against innocent people, both young and old, rather than armed terrorists. Economic crisis are not new, and with a good cooperation such situations can be avoided or at least effectively managed. But again, the more we compete against each other the more the problem grows. The XXI Century has just begun and we’ve already had a big Economic crisis in 2008-2009, which had a negative impact on most of us. Since then we started slowly to recover but now in 2020 we have just received a harder punch. What we have now is definitely an economic disaster, I would say it’s the biggest since the Great Depression in the years 1930s.

Today billions of people live in day-to-day economic emergency.

The entire business world will not be the same as we were used with it. This is another sign that COOPERATION IS BETTER THAN COMPETITION and we have to adapt. There is no other way.

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