It is already happening.


Beware, this is becoming reality. Indeed Artificial Intelligence is rising and it is happening fast, it is just under our nose right now. We are already living in the future, exactly as we imagined some years ago when we said that such advanced technology exists only in the Sci-Fi movies. Well… guess what, those Sci-Fi movies from the years ‘80 and ’90 are today real life. Touchscreen??? Just no more that 15 years ago people would have said this is just a fantasy, it’s not possible. 

FLASHNEWS : Touchscreen gadgets are everywhere and more than that people are addicted to them. 

And prepare for more, we are already preparing to launch self-driving cars and not only that. Self-Driving things will invade our lives in the coming years. There will be self-flying planes, self-running trains,  HyperLoop transport systems,  space tourism will be for sure available too,  the dentists are ready to launch the technology which can make your missing teeth grow back again, the blinds will see again, the deaf will hear again and the people with amputated or missing members will walk, write and prepare their food alone again. Some truly unimaginable things will change our existence as living species on Earth. What is next for sure will create an enormous impact. Genetic engineering is active more than never, therefore the human life will be extended. We won’t die at 70 or 80 years old, we will be still young at 80. Our life expectancy will reach the average of 130-150 years old in the next 100 years.

Therefore in the next  years a lot of innovation in technology will occur. The speed of technology development is incredible. This rise of Artificial Intelligence will of course remove a lot of boring and routine jobs, which is actually a very good thing. Humans will have more time to spend on creation. The Agriculture will be very much automatized so that,the hard work on the fields won’t be a human activity anymore. In industry the same, the job that are routine done by workers in a factory will be also removed and replaced by robots.

Automatized agriculture.

In fact this is really boring. Why shall I work years in a factory on the assembly line of something – let’s say in automotive industry – where a worker has simply no opportunities to grow professionally? To become expert in what? In drilling a hole or screwing bolts and nuts? In painting something with the same color 8h/day? That’s a fucking boring job. There is nothing interesting in having such a job.ZERO.NADA. So it’s definitely a waste of time for a human.

This is a boring work place for a human
Another boring work place for a human

It was a time when by starting as a worker in a manufacturing plant somewhere, by a continue ass-kissing period at high level, after some years such guys may become a sort of team leader or a small manager. Not because they were remarkable good but just because they were assholes and pushed everyone aside just for them to be in the front. I personally know people which from worker level without any study in engineering have reached in some years a position of a team leader of engineers without being truly remarkable good in something. Such guys are only able to thrive like that just if they stay in the same company, but once the storm is coming and perhaps they must somehow change the company they will never perform at the same level.  This is one way how incompetence in management is developed.  

The other way of incompetence development in management is to assign people too fast in such high position without having any remarkable results in their past activity. No skills and also no technical knowledge in something, but the only basis of judgement in their evaluation being the ability to “show confidence”. Some people  really do this successfully. Confidence is an ability good to have, but only when it’s combined with competence, or to be more precise when it is backed up with a very strong basis of competence. Otherwise just having a high confidence is the worst criteria to assign somebody in management position. Just by having a high degree of confidence in you, means you are able to tell lies very convincing, but your real competence doesn’t exist at all.  A management style based only on confidence without competence is the straight highway to failure.

With Artificial Intelligence such things will be considerably diminished and the managers today must understand that the greed for money and the thirst for power, by controlling people will not exist anymore at such level as today. The slavery will be gone for real. If you are a narcissist manager you are professionally dead. But If you are a leader which shows empathy and help others to thrive then you may have a very good chance to be and stay successful.

As I said before Artificial Intelligence will remove many boring jobs and in this category the managers are included too. In the companies of the future you don’t need many managers, you need engineers.  Managers don’t create anything, engineers do. The Manager role is just to establish strategies and empower people with vision and high goals. A manager must do whatever necessary to create the best work environment for their engineers in order to let them innovate more. The innovation will be the rule to succeed in business starting from today and the years to come. A good engineer doesn’t need any manager to guide him what to do best. A good engineer always knows better what’s the best to do. An engineer doesn’t have to listen to what the manager is telling him about the job, it is exactly the opposite. A manager must always shut up and listen to what his engineer is telling him. The engineer comes with the idea and the manager takes the appropriate actions to make the idea a successful business.

If you are a smart-creative, the Artificial Intelligence can help you a lot. You will not need to many people to create a successful business. You just need some passionated engineers and give them the necessary tools and to create for them a work environment as a perfect place for innovation. As a leader your role is also to do everything necessary for your engineers to keep them motivated. If a leader can do that, it’s already a guarantee that his engineers will keep innovating and will keep the business alive and successful. A successful company is that company which has 1 good leader at let’s say every 20 engineers, but not 20 leaders at every 5 engineers.

In this case, FIRE the INCOMPETENT MANAGERS, not the Employees.

As the situation is today , everytime when a company is in trouble and needs to reduce costs, one of the common option is to lay some personal off in order to save the business. Many people were and still are affected by such bad practice, when the company management immediately decide to fire some regular employees ,considered as weak performers, in order to hold the business up. Especially in automotive industry, this approach is happening very often.

At some point I can understand that firing some workers from the assembly line could be actually good for them. But not because they are not performing well, but simply because the job they are doing is repetitive and boring. Humans are creative beings, keeping a person on the assembly line in a production factory is the same as slavery. You force people to do something that they don’t enjoy but they just do it because they need money. No, that’s a waste of resources, just take the humans out and put robots to do that stupid job. But then in the same time, the people which are laid off must be supported to become creative. Once again, a leader helps other people to grow, that’s the fundamental role of a leader. A leader which don’t help and motivate his people to grow is not a leader. He’s just another asshole.

But in case a company is in trouble the biggest mistake a manager can do is to fire some of his engineers. There is no stupidity  in management bigger than to fire the engineers and keep the managers. That’s really supreme stupidity. A good engineer won’t be affected for too long because other companies will be interested to hire them, but I a manager with a bad performance will be less likely to be hired so fast. If you want to save costs, don’t fire engineers, fire the managers. Yes, indeed, unfortunately in multinational corporation there are to fucking many managers which bring Zero added value to the company’s business. They are paid a fortune and they do nothing relevant for the company. Many such managers don’t have any strategy or vision for long term in their minds. They are holding those high rank positions simply because they are well paid. Some are paid 10 to 20 times more than a regular employee (engineer or simply worker).  So by firing a regular employee the company doesn’t save to much. Instead if the company fires the weak managers than it will save a lot.

Incompetent managers must be the first to be fired from a company.

With so much technology available out-there  it is very easy to become creative and  big companies will rapidly loose their most valuable resources: The engineers.  Why I say that? Well… the software engineers, the electrical engineers, the mechanical designers, the materials science engineersthe architects just to name the most important ones, are now able to create new products more fast and easy than ever. If one of such guy have a great idea of a new product, with the tools and available technology they can create whatever they want by themselves, no need to be employed in a big company. Big companies won’t be successful anymore like was the case in the past and for the moment still is.

The most successful companies will be the small ones (let’s say from 5 to 3000 employees) like for example the case of start-ups. When I say big company I am talking about multinational corporations which have something like more than 10,000 employees. In fact the bigger you are the most difficult will be to succeed. Artificial Intelligence will remove the number of employees mostly from the big companies, therefore there won’t be such big companies at all.

With a good vision and well established strategy of course you can be successful as big company too, but then you need to look after the engineers and fire the managers, just keep few leaders which are performing and fire the rest of them. On one side companies such as : Samsung, Apple, Google, IBM, Daimler, AUDI, ToyotaHonda, Sony, BMW, Panasonic, LG, Bosch, Siemens,Airbus, Boeing etc  those are big players, today. Those companies do create new products  and they are successful by keep doing it.

But on the other side they have also a lot of management problems. I mean within those companies there is also huge incompetence in management, they have a lot of useless managers inside which burn millions of Euro/Dollars every month. But that’s No need for that. As I said, to be creative you don’t need managers. You need engineers. So my message for those companies is: Fire the incompetent managers, they are to many. Fire them and your business will grow. Artificial Intelligence is created by engineers not by managers. Therefore give the power to your engineers and send back home the useless managers.

And one last most important message for the companies I mentioned above, STOP CREATING NEW MANAGEMENT ROLES in the future. If you want to have a huge cash flow, collect engineers,hire them and let them create your future products. Put value in that, not in management.

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