Google is something we all need, Amazon is something we actually can live without.


Nowadays Big Data is the future of business in all industries. It’s proven without any doubt. The evolution of Artificial Intelligence is rapidly increasing at an unimaginable speed due to Big Data stuff. The more data you collect about something, the more chances you have to dominate your market and gain a massive amount of customers. But, there is a big BUT (with 1 t not 2 :-)), What are you doing with your Big Data? Do you really serve people with it or you have it just to make money for yourself no matter what?. I have decided to write something about this and this time I have chosen 2 of the big players on the market: GOOGLE and Amazon.

Those 2 are indeed the biggest Big Data owners in the world. But there is also a huge difference between them. One is really useful, people need this, we actually can not imagine living without it. This is definitely GOOGLE. Let me start with it.

1.GOOGLE – Let’s face it, we are all depended on Google whatever we do in our daily lives, either at work or in general. If we are in doubt of something, we google it and we find the answer. Very easy and very fast, besides is absolutely free. Google is literally everywhere, on Desktop PC, Mobile Phones, in our Cars, in everything. It’s like the air,you need air to breathe the same as you need Google to have a better live, to educate yourself. If you are looking for any sort of information, Google is always behind you and always has an answer for you. Unbelievable, it is impossible for me right now to imagine something better than Google and even something that could replace Google. They are the creators of the modern world and they are the creators of our future. Thumb up for you guys who work at Google. Keep it up and never stop. Big R.E.S.P.E.C.T.

Google today has dramatically impacted the life of people on the planet Earth. I mean it. They really do this. Many people make money with the help of Google and have a beautiful life afterwards. Google helps you to find a job, Google helps you to learn a new language, Google helps you in any problem you have and you don’t have to pay for that. All you need is a good Internet connection. I will never stop using Google whenever I am in doubt about something.It is a good tool which can definitely help me to take a decision in something.

2. Amazon – This is just a business created to make his owner Jeff Bezos rich. And currently he really is. He didn’t invented anything and he also won’t create anything, he just gain money.But I thing Americans still love , so also Americans made him rich. Everybody talk about it.” It’s is the biggest online retailer in the world”, “On Amazon you can find everything you need” “You place an order and Amazon takes care of the rest, you will receive your product at your home address in few days” and so on. Soon they also promote that you can actually also sell your products on Amazon too. I am just asking myself why shall I do that? If I have something to sell why shall I sell it on Amazon and not to create my own Webside for that?

Well it’s because Amazon tries to take more control and to gain more money, that’s why. I won’t sell anything on I don’t even buy but OK, let’s see how great it is. Let’s give it a try. I must say that I know Amazon since very long time ago but I was literally not interested to ever order something from them. Why shall I? Everything I wanted I always found it without searching on Amazon. I buy a lot of stuff online, electronics, books, clothes and sport equipment but I have never ordered something on Amazon. I don’t see why people consider Amazon so special, there is nothing special with it, It’s just a big online retailer, but many like them exist in every country. Some local online retailers are even better than In Europe we have a lot of such online retailers, but even in the U.S.A. Amazon is not the only one out there. Amazon can never reach the level of Big Data the same as Google. If those two will ever compete in a Big Data contest I am sure Google will be the winner 🙂

Still few days ago I said to myself, let’s see maybe they are different. In my free time I like reading, so I decided to buy some interesting Books from I have searched for the books I want and I placed my order. The thing is that on Amazon before to order something you have some options to choose for the price and quality. This is actually very good, I am glad to know this. So I have picked up my 4 new books and I placed my order. But before to finish my order and proceed with the payment, I’ve got this screen, just as shown below:

Are you fucking crazy?? What the hell is this? My 4 Items cost in total 54,87 Euro, let’s say I agree with the Import Fees of 3,19 Euro,but why do I have to add more, almost 15 Euro just for Shipping?? No thanks. So I canceled my purchase. I have already received those books at even a lower cost (<55 Euro) with 2 Euro shipping tax at my local online retailer. What if I would have ordered something bigger than a book, I don’t know, a TV Set maybe, or a new PC? How much will be the Shipping & Handling cost? I don’t even want to know.
So from now on, what I will do, is I will ask Google for alternatives, I don’t need Amazon. I remember a while ago I tried the same with eBay, the same bullshit. So from my side RIP Amazon, I have tried once but I am not going to try again.

Published by florijn2019

I am a material science engineer working in Automotive Industry for some years and I have been doing projects in mechanical design using different CAD softwares such as CATIA V5, and NX. I have knowledge in plastics design, injection molding and automotive glass technology but I have also interests in new technologies such as artificial intelligence and aerospace industry. In my free time I like to travel the world, to learn about new cultures and make friends in different countries. Currently I can speak 5 languages : Romanian, English, German, French and Dutch. I was born in Romania but I am living in Belgium since Jan.2011.

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