America is not so “Great” as Trump says.

Trains don’t evolve in the U.S.A.

I was thinking for a while to write about this. But before to start let me say that my travel to the U.S.A. is always a relief, it’s a place where I feel that I belong. Even if I don’t live there for the moment I have the American mindset. But I believe in “American Dream ” in European fashion. So let me say some words about how “Great” the U.S.A. is.

I go there quite often. Few months ago I’ve been to Washington D.C. to visit a good friend of mine and after 5 days I went to New York. I just want to say that both cities are simply wonderful, I don’t know for sure which one shall I choose in case I will relocate to U.S.A., shall I go to New York or Washington D.C.. ?? Hmmmm…. that I must thing again. But what is in general embarrassing when talking about U.S.A. is that they don’t have a good railway infrastructure. Yes, they don’t. Everyone scream and shout “we are american citizens and we are the greatest nation in the world”, “we have the best economy in the world” ” we are the most powerful in the world” and all that kind of bullshit. No you are Not. Look at this map below:

The American Railway System

Seriously…What the hell is this? For God’s sake, how the U.S.A. can have such a woeful railway system?. Sorry my American brothers but this is embarrassing. When I go in foreign countries I prefer not to drive so I don’t use a car. In Europe you can really travel easily without a car. When I was in Washington D.C. I visited some nice places and it was very accessible by local transport system (Metro, Bus). In New York too, very good connection in the city area. But when I wanted to take the train from Washington D.C. to New York oh my G.O.D. I swear that was just one-time experience. Not because it was uncomfortable, but simply due to the diversity of choosing. Trains in America are old and very slow. I did the distance Washington D.C. to New York by train in about 3h30. That is almost the same distance from Brussels to Amsterdam which I can easily do it in less than 1h30. The ticket price for the train in U.S.A. is damn high. I paid 376$ for 2 persons just one-way. For that distance I never pay so much in Europe. And I was still lucky because some places were available in the morning train, otherwise the ticket price from Washington D.C. to New York could have been around 700$ or even 800$(for 2 persons) . Damn it. I will never take the train in U.S.A. again.

The wagons inside were quite ok, but look at the picture above. What is that tube with a small cut-out named “window”? I could barely see something outside during the ride. The trains in U.S.A. are very much looking like a century ago models. High-speed Trains in U.S.A.?? Ooo… just leave me alone. They don’t even know what a High-Speed train is, or how a High-Speed train looks like.

Look at the map, there are even American states without any railway or with just very poor railway infrastructure. For example: South Dakota, Wyoming, Montana, Tennessee, or even Texas is quite poor with trains. California is not so dense neither. In America everybody must have a car. It’s a rule. You don’t have a car is like you don’t have legs. Many Americans are dependent on their cars. For going to their jobs, for shopping, for visiting their friends, for absolutely everything. It’s unbelievable. There is always traffic jam in the area of big cities such as New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Washington etc. There are a lot of places (small cities, villages) in U.S.A. where there is even no route for pedestrians or cyclists. The only option to move is the car.Noting less, nothing more, just the fucking god damn car.

Alright, but then I would expect to see that American car brands are everywhere. Heeelll nooo. Everywhere you look around you see Toyota, Nissan, Honda (Japanese cars in every American city). Of course there are many Ford, Chrysler and Dodge but such presence of non-american brands is a clear indication that U.S.A. is not that great in car industry neither. Even European brands are gaining a lot of popularity in U.S.A. I have seen a lot of B.M.W and Mercedes cars, even Volkswagen and Audi.

So to sum up, my dear American brothers and sisters, don’t keep Donald Trump too much in place at the White House. Stop going to war fields in the Middle East or wherever mr. Donald (Duck) ooops.. sorry…. 🙂 Trump send you, start building your god damn internal transportation system. Build high-speed train lines and stop polluting the planet with your car dependence. The U.S.A. is a huge space, you have Elon Musk there, let him build the Hyperloop system, Wake Up America. Europe is much advanced versus you and Japan with South Korea are also in the top. Very soon U.S.A. can not compete with Europe and Japan (even China which is damn advanced too). By the way, you all american people, why did you vote for D. Trump?

Question for Mr. Trump: Will America ever benefit of a High-Speed Railway System the same as Japan and Europe does? America has money for everything, so do a smart investment. You will create a lot of new jobs with that and America will be really “Great Again”.

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