G.B. , U.K. or just simply England?

London – Tower Bridge

Now I would like to say something about my trip to London from 2017. That was a very pleasant stay, I did it during my Christmas Holiday and the New Years Eve (2017-2018). London is really wonderful. (well except the fireworks in the New Year’s Eve, when is a complete chaos around the London Eye, if you don’t buy tickets well in advance you don’t benefit of a nice view at the midnight, You better stay at home and watch the fireworks on the TV Set in your room). I love that city and I love the British people. They are more friendly that french guys (just kidding :-))). But If someone who perhaps don’t know where London is (even if in my circle of friends and the people I interact with, I don’t know a single person who doesn’t know where London is, but let’s suppose I meet someone who has no Idea), would ask me ok, ok London is a big wonderful city, but in which country is it? Here I am now a bit confused about the answer. Shall I say 1.Great Britain, 2.United Kingdom or simply 3.England? I don’t know for sure anymore.

If I would just choose from one of those 3 options I will bet on nr. 3. ENGLAND. But let’s see why not the other 2.

Nr.1 Option / GREAT BRITAIN – this means all the English people and I am even tempted to include Ireland too but let’s say just: Scotland, England, Wales, and Northern Ireland. Geographically it is true, all together is the place where British people live. But economically, culturally, living standards and even military those regions are completely different countries. So the name of Great Britain for me doesn’t apply properly.

Nr.2. Option/ United Kingdom – how can I interpret this? Which Kingdom? United? Really? Are Scotland, England, Wales and Northern Ireland truly “united”? Hey… come on… this time is obviously gone. They are not united at all. They’ve started to compete and even politically fight between each other very tough in the last let’s say 2 years. Why? Well… I guess the things are very visible. It’s due to Brexit.

Nr.3. Option/ England – I fully agree with this name. Actually is more beautiful to say The Kingdom of England. The Queen’s palace is in London. It’s a very beautiful building named Buckingham. The royal family lives there, I love those guys, I am a big fan of Prince William and his wife Catherine. But I like them all, also Prince Harry and his family. I don’t know why, but Prince Harry is a funny guy for me 🙂 In London there are many great places to see and things to do. It is like a beehive in a positive way 🙂 . The Buckingham Palace, London Eye, Hyde Park, The Tower of London, The British Museum, The Regent’s Park, The Big Ben and many many more. Just stay in London for 1 week and I guarantee you that you will never get bored. I love it, I wish to go there every weekend ;-).

But now due to this god damn Brexit everything turns upside down and inside out. I have met some British people in Belgium and when I called them “hey British (or English guy) what’s up?” many of them replied, “don’t call me British, I am Scottish not British”. Or “stop telling me English, I am from Northern Ireland”. An so on. Even a native English person asked me how to find a job in Europe because in England becomes more and more difficult. And I’ve heard more and more about the term “English immigrant” . English people want to emigrate because England cannot offer them too much career possibilities? Really? How is that possible? Well apparently it is… This Brexit has many negative consequences. If the “United Kingdom” would have been really “united” they would not let the Brexit happen. Unfortunately British people are now very divided :-(. I could be considered an asshole if I name the country as ” Divided Kingdom” instead of “United Kingdom”.

But then I asked those people why did you vote for Brexit? And many of them told me they didn’t. But the contrary is happening. Scotland wants to stay in Europe, Northern Ireland is willing to remove the border with Ireland and to form the Great Republic of Ireland, Wales they also want to separate, but this is a complicated thing to do now. Due to some votes from England, the whole U.K. is about to split completely. What happened with you English people? Why you wanted so much to be out of Europe and now you regret what happened? Before to drive a car you must learn the traffic rules not the other way around. It was the same here, you should have known what you vote before voting for real.

In the past I’ve received some job opportunities in U.K. and even now I still receive some, but I unfortunately I must reject all of them. It’s a pity because British people are very smart people, they have given a lot of good things to the world and they still have a lot to offer, but they tend to isolate themselves with this stupid Brexit. This Brexit is definitively a huge stupid mistake.

I travel in the whole Europe freely, but when I went to England they kept me at the passport control almost 1 hour. That is not fair. English people are my Europeans too. Why I can not travel unrestricted in UK the same as I do within the rest of Europe. I am curious what could be the answer If I ask an Englishman why did he vote for Brexit. I am pretty sure that many were not even informed before voting and were totally unaware about the consequences. Probably they will tell me because to Stop The Emigration. But you can not easily stop something that started some decades ago. It’s too late for that. It must be another way.

Anyway, I will return to England and all the other British spaces with all my pleasure very soon. I still want to visit many beautiful places over-there. Birmingham, Manchester, Liverpool and Edinburgh are on my list. I really feel like home there but for now it has become a “home” in which I will not dare to live soon. I only wish that England not to become a NO-(easy to) GO area for the other Europeans. Maybe there is still a chance to cancel the Brexit and be brothers again.

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