Usually during the summertime I like to travel. Well… I travel anyway during the year but my favourite season is summer :-). My summerholiday is the longest one during the year so I plan it well in advance. July-August and sometimes September is the best time because the weather is in general good wherever I choose to go. Therfore I start looking for accomodation early in April. All the time I did it via because this website is rich in all sort of information. They show detailed pictures, prices, facilities and so on…so I like to do a benchmark for my future destination using Booking. com website. There are a lot of people who also write reviews and that is really helpful to decide which accomodation is worth considering to take. I am very satisfied with this service. But recently something else is coming up. It’s the new option for accomodation bookings offered by

Now, what is the difference between versus Why shall I choose something from and not continue with .

Up to now, the only thing or I would say the most valuable thing to consider at Airbnb is The Price. Nothing else. Everybody say that on you always find a cheaper accomodation in good areas. Now, I have never booked something on Airbnb but I know the concept very very good. I experienced such accomodation a long time ago during my years at the high-school and university. I did this. I rented a room together with 1 of my friend directly from the owner and we stayed in the same appartment during our entire holiday (10 days or so). I had exactly the same confort like in a hotel room. The owner stayed also with us but in a separate room, he never bothered us and we never bothered him, so the accomodation was quite ok. Of course is cheaper than staying at a Hotel.

It’s the same thing with Airbnb you go to the owner’s property and stay in his appartment or house exactly like you stay in a Hotel. It’s good for the owner because he or she can make some extra money out of it, and It’s good for you because you pay less than for a hotel room and you are free to organize your stay as you wish. For example you don’t have to be on time for the breakfast (as in the case of the most Hotels the breakfast is served from 07h00 to 10h00). You prepare your food as you want and when you want. If you don’t have much money to spend on accomodation Airbnb can be a good option.

But to enjoy a good stay in the place you travel, it is worth considering all the aspects related to your trip. It’s not only money that matters. You may pay a higher price on but you have other facilities that you don’t have with Airbnb. Me personally when I go in holiday, I want to relax, enjoy my time and just do nothing for my confort to stay there. I prefer to be served and not to take care of everything as I do at home. If you rent something via Airbnb, once you arrive there you are nothing different that at your home. You still must cook your food, you must make your room clean, wash dishes, empty the thrash bin and so on.

If you stay at the hotel you don’t have to do all of this. There is always a room service, and for food there are good hotels that offer also good food at good prices, so you don’t have to take care of anything but just relax and enjoy your stay. Maybe I will try once to book something via Airbnb but just to try it out for 3 or 4 days. For long stay like 1 or 2 weeks I will always choose I prefer to pay more and enjoy the confort than to pay less and take care of everything afterwards.

Anyway I think Airbnb is a very good thing and very suitable for students and young people who want to travel cheap. Like that there are options for everybody.

Published by florijn2019

I am a material science engineer working in Automotive Industry for some years and I have been doing projects in mechanical design using different CAD softwares such as CATIA V5, and NX. I have knowledge in plastics design, injection molding and automotive glass technology but I have also interests in new technologies such as artificial intelligence and aerospace industry. In my free time I like to travel the world, to learn about new cultures and make friends in different countries. Currently I can speak 5 languages : Romanian, English, German, French and Dutch. I was born in Romania but I am living in Belgium since Jan.2011.

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