I am still exploring this online web tool provided by WordPress and I realize how amazing the technology is. I’ve have created my blog in 5 minutes, very easy thing to do. If I look back in the past but not very long time ago, the idea to create a blog online and just share the ideas/thoughts/opinions with other people was really a bit time consuming stuff. In fact I would say that even 10 years ago having a personal blog was not a common habit. Today everywhere, everytime and everybody at home with a good internet connection can creat a blog, website or any online application in couple of minutes. Technology evolution in the last years is skyrocketing. Artificial Inteligence come in place faster today than we could have imagine some years ago. In the comming years it will be even faster. I can write a lot about this topic because I am working in this field and I see it with my own eyes. The technology evolution is faster than ever. I can already confirm that in less than 20 years many jobs which currently are performed by a great number of people will completelly disapear. Artificial Inteligence will be more and more present and people will be removed from their jobs and replaced by robots and algorithms. Even money as a phisical currency are in danger to completelly disapear. We use more and more other forms of payment. Me personally I am already used to it, I never have cash in my pocket or walet. I always pay my purchases by card. There are extremely rare situations when I pay cash and sometimes I even missed a small purchase because I didn’t have cash with me.

So just talking about Singapore as I previously mentioned in my first post, this city is also the most automatized place in the world. There are about 500 industrial robots instaled overthere at every 10.000 employees in industry. The world average is just 74 industrial robots/10.000 employees. So definetelly Singapore is a damn highly automated place on earth. Is the 2nd in the world after South Korea. In South Korea the number of robots is even higher at about 630 robots/10.000 employees. Those 2 nations are the most technologically advanced in the world. This information can be easily confirmed online. There are many articles on Google about this. It is a real fact. It is happening right now.

But is the Artificial Inteligence really a threat to the job market? Or perhaps is an added value? After all I have seen so far, I would say that for both questions the answer is YES. But ist a bigger YES to the second question, namelly it is rather an added value than a threat. The humanity needs Artificial Inteligence more than ever. It is true that robots will remove some jobs currently done by humans, but those jobs are first of all, jobs with high risk of having an accident or repetitive jobs or administrative routine jobs. People will take over less physical work/ hard skills and they will concentrate on soft skills and creativity. Besides people will work in a more clean work environment and they will be more healthy. So from this point of view the artificial inteligence is very beneficial. One of the best example I can give is something that more and more people are talking about. It’s the self-driving car. This is not a fantasy anymore. It really exist and in very few years from now on the self-driving cars will become very usual. So maybe the job as a driver won’t completelly disappear in 20 years but is definitely doomed to extinction. That’s all for the moments, but I will soon come back with more on this subject.

Published by florijn2019

I am a material science engineer working in Automotive Industry for some years and I have been doing projects in mechanical design using different CAD softwares such as CATIA V5, and NX. I have knowledge in plastics design, injection molding and automotive glass technology but I have also interests in new technologies such as artificial intelligence and aerospace industry. In my free time I like to travel the world, to learn about new cultures and make friends in different countries. Currently I can speak 5 languages : Romanian, English, German, French and Dutch. I was born in Romania but I am living in Belgium since Jan.2011.

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