My first trip to Asia

This is my first text ever written on a blog. I’ve recently decided to start writing it because I am first of all a frequent traveler and I would like to share my experiences from the countries and places I’ve already been or I will go in the future. And second, because I want to receive tips and interesting things to do in those new places. I like to explore. This first one I will do it for my first upcoming trip to Asia. My choice is Singapore. I have heard a lot about this City-State. As I am also a technology freak, I can’t wait to see this amazing City, which is one of the safest place on earth and in the same time one of the most high-tech place that exist. I have a strong interest in Artificial Intelligence and I heard and read that in Singapore, robotics and all that stuff with artificial intelligence is widely used. I also plan to create my own start-up in the area of AI so I am sure Singapore can inspire me with some good ideas. Now I am very excited by this trip.

My departure point is my current city of Brussels (Belgium). There will be a loooong flight for about 16 hours. I will first fly to Warsaw in Poland and after about 1h30min I will take the next plane to Singapore. There are a lot of information online about places to see and things to do overthere so it’s hard to chose something. That city is absolutely fantastic, they have everything there. It’s actually like a big garden with all the attractions possible to imagine. They have a big ZOO, beach, Shopping Malls and even the Changi Airport of Singapore is I would dare to say unique in the whole world. I can’t wait to go there.

I will not do many things in my first day there because I am pretty sure I will be very tired after the long flight, but I will stay there for 15 days so more than enough to enjoy that place. What is for me really amazing is that not very long ago Singapore was a fishermen place. How did they manage to become one of the best reference as financial spot and definitely high-tech place on the planet Earth. How did they do that? We all have something to learn from them. Why such places do really exist on Earth? Not very far much in the North all the countries in that south-eastern Asia region are poor countries. Why is Singapore different? Why do they have so much technology there and how do they succeed to continue developing with the technology trends? That’s really awesome. I will see this with my own eyes, for sure it will be an interesting travel experience. One thing is sure, the city is like that because its people made it to be. So no doubt that also people can create such place anywhere in the world.In Singapore the people live with nature and nature lives with people. If there would be more places like that in the world, life on earth will be definitely better. Technology doesn’t have to destroy the nature, technology must preserve nature, we need to take care of our beautiful planet named Earth. So let’s learn something from Singapore and try to apply that in our cities. I will share my impressions after I return home in Belgium.

Published by florijn2019

I am a material science engineer working in Automotive Industry for some years and I have been doing projects in mechanical design using different CAD softwares such as CATIA V5, and NX. I have knowledge in plastics design, injection molding and automotive glass technology but I have also interests in new technologies such as artificial intelligence and aerospace industry. In my free time I like to travel the world, to learn about new cultures and make friends in different countries. Currently I can speak 5 languages : Romanian, English, German, French and Dutch. I was born in Romania but I am living in Belgium since Jan.2011.

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